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New perspectives on counselling in audiological habilitation/rehabilitation
January 2015, Vol. 54, No. 1 , Pages 11-19 (doi:10.3109/14992027.2014.921339)
, and
Audiological Research Centre, Örebro University Hospital,
, Sweden
Correspondence: Erik Borg, Audiological Research Centre, Örebro University Hospital,
S-70185 Örebro
, Sweden.

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Objective: To develop and apply a pedagogical method focusing on Empowerment, Empathy, Competence, and Counselling: the EC programme, and to present an initial evaluation. Design: The EC programme was gradually developed within a study circle framework and in dialogue with study circle leaders and participants (clients) with hearing impairment (HI). An evaluation was carried out with the study circle leaders. Study sample: Seventeen upper secondary school students with HI took part in the development of the programme. Eighteen study circle leaders responded to a questionnaire. Results: The EC programme developed consisted of films, CD, and DVD productions to increase insight into one's own hearing ability, to demonstrate for others what HI means, strategies to evaluate situations, and help to act constructively in social situations. The study circle leaders found most of the course material appropriate and easy to use, as a whole or in parts. The leaders’ evaluations indicated that the clients had increased their knowledge about how the HI affected themselves and others. The clients had improved their self-confidence and their empathic view of others. Conclusion: The EC programme can be used in its entirety or in part. Participation may lead to increased empowerment, empathy, competence and counselling ability.